December 12, 2014

The New Science of Breath - Coherent Breathing for Autonomic Nervous System Balance, Health, & Well Being - 2nd Edition

by Stephen Elliott with Dee Edmonson, RN

A ground breaking 150 page expose´on breathing and its critical relationship to circulation and autonomic balance. Also, find Stephen and Dee's new book Coherent Breathing - The Definitive Method at this link.

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The index includes these terms: 9 Dragon Baguazhang, abdominal breathing, accuracy, ADD, addiction, ADHD, adult breathing, aging, allostatic load, alpha, alpha/theta, alpha/theta training, amplitude, anger, anxiety, arterial pressure wave, attention deficiency, autonomic nervous system, autonomic nervous system balance, autonomic subsystem, awakened mind, beta, bioenergy, biological age, biometrics, body inclination, breath, breathing, breathing bridge, breathing depth, breathing frequency, Breathing Pacemaker, breathing rate, bridge, bronchi, caffeine, carbon dioxide, cardiac, cardiac sudden death, cardiovascular constriction, ceiling, central nervous system, chanting, chaos, coherence, Coherent Breathing, communication, concentration ,conscious, conscious participation, consciousness, coronary heart disease, cranial respiratory impulse,deep respiration, delta, delta/theta, depression, diaphragm, Dr. Elsa Baehr, Dr. Roger Riss, Dr. Ronald DeMeersman, dual control, EDR, EEG, EKG, electro-cardiogram, electro-dermal response, electro-dermal skin response, electrocardiogram, electroencephalograph, emotions, entropy, exhalation, eyes, feet, fight or flight, floor, Fourier transformation, frequency, Fundamental Quiescent Rhythm, galvanic skin response, gas exchange, GSR, hands, healing, heart output, heart rate variability, heartbeat rate, high blood pressure, Ho, Mae-Wan, homeostasis, HRV, HRV(av), human organism, human physiological capacity, hypertension, imbalance, incoherence, inhalation, instantaneous arterial pressure, internal energy, intrinsic autonomic nervous system rhythm, jaw, Kashmir Shaivism, khechari mudra, kidneys, kirtan kriya, kriya, kundalini, kundalini yoga, Lamaze,lungs, mala japa, mantra, martial art, martial arts, meditation, Mind, mindfulness, mobius, mortality, mudra, muscle groups, muscle tension, myofascial release, nada, Neuro-Physiologic Assessment, neurotherapy, NPA, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), oscillator, oxygen, pain, John Painter, panic attack, parasympathetic, parasympathetic emphasis, peak, pendulum, performance anxiety, perineum, pH, phase, phase-lock, pranayama, pratyahara, psycho-physiological correlates, Q, qi,qigong, quality factor, quantum, Relaxation, resonance, resonate, respiration, respiratory sinus arrhythmia, RSA,senescence, sinewave, sinusoidal model, skeletal muscle, sleep dysfunction, sleeping problems, SMR (low beta), somatic nervous system, somatic subsystem, spectral analysis, sport, stillness, stress, subconscious, subjective time quanta, suksma-gati, survival, Sympathetic, sympathetic dominance, sympathetic emphasis, sympathetic withdrawal, Taijiquan, Taoist, temporo-mandibular joint dysfunction, TMJ, Test of Variables of Attention, thermal feedback, thermal response, thermometer, thermostat, TOVA, traumatic brain injury, unity, valley, Van Der Pol, venous reservoirs, vertebrate physiology, wholeness, yang, yin, yoga, yogic theory, yoni mudra, Zen.